Felt Pen Vs. Pentel Pen: What’s The Difference?

Choosing the best pen for writing, calligraphy, as well as other projects can quickly become a challenging task. Different pens have different features, benefits, drawbacks, and uses. It is important to know the differences. What’s the difference between a felt pen and a pentel pen?

Felt-tip pens are versatile writing instruments that are easy to use, dry quickly, and are used on the go. They are the best if you want to add a bit of color to your projects. Pentel pens are attractive, write smoothly with solid tips with wet ink. It does not spread, and the lines look precise.

The good news is that education on the differences between these two pens can help you to choose the best writing instrument for your needs. Read with us to understand the differences between a felt pen and a pentel pen!

Properties Of A Felt Tip Pen

Felt tip pens generally possess several distinguishing characteristics, and it is essential to know them. Take a look with us at the list below to see precisely what felt tip pens are and what their properties are:

The Tip Material

Usually, felt tip pens feature one or two different types of tips. The first tip type is plastic, thin but firm nib encased in metal. Tips like these tend to provide you with even and smooth writing.

The second type of tip is a much softer, conical nib that will allow you to write and draw with both the tip as well as the side of the nib.

The Tip Size

Just like with other types of pens and pencils, felt tip pens and markers are readily available in a very wide variety of tip sizes.

There is no general standard for these sizes, as one brand may offer many sizes that other brands may or may not produce. Mostly, however, brands tend to offer a wide variation on categories of a broad, medium, and fine tip.

The Type Of Ink

Felt tip pens, as well as felt tip markers, feature a wide variety of ink types. Some inks are permanent, while other types of ink are more likely to fade over time or smudge.

Some inks are acid-free, while others are not. You can choose a water-based ink, as well as oil-based or alcohol-based. The correct type of ink for your writing needs depends on your personal preferences and needs.

Water Resistance

Some types of felt tip pens and markers are not water-resistant, which means they are more likely to smear if they come into contact with liquids.

However, inks with low water-resistance are less likely to stain your clothing or textiles, so if you are clumsy, it is advised that you buy a pen with low water resistance.

Generally, alcohol and oil-based inks are much more water-resistant. If you’re planning on working on a project that involves water, it would be a great thought to keep in your mind when you need to choose the perfect pens for your project.

Bleeding Of Ink

The bleeding of ink can be a challenge when you choose to work with felt tip pens. It is of utmost importance that you read the label thoroughly prior to working with a felt tip pen to get a better understanding of whether or not it will bleed through your paper.

Commonly, water-based felt tip pens are much less likely to bleed through paper than alcohol-based options.


A common issue when it comes to felt tip pens and markers is feathering. Feathering happens when excess ink flows out of your pen and leaves extraneous marks all around your drawings or letters.

Of course, different types of pens and markers are more prone to feathering, depending on their quality. Doing your research and trial and error will help you find the best options with the least amount of feathering.

The Best Uses For Felt Tip Pens

Felt tip pens feature many distinct benefits, but they are not without their disadvantages. Felt tip pens and markers are loved amongst buyers because of their coloring and drawing properties.

Felt tip pens are available in a wide variety of colors, ink types, as well as tip sizes. All these characteristics make these pens highly versatile. The felt tip of the pen helps the ink to flow freely, which will provide you with even and smooth lines.

Their colors are also highly saturated and create bold and bright projects! You can even use broad-tipped pens for shading if you choose to draw with them.

Properties Of A Pentel Pen

Next, we will be taking a closer look at the properties a Pentel pen holds and how it differs from a felt pen:

The Tip Material

These tips aren’t your typical delicate needle tips! The needle tips in pentel pens are durable and sturdy and are more than capable of handling long-term heavy-handed handwriting.

Pentel pens’ tip material comes in both needle tips as well as conical tips.

The Tip Size

In addition to these pens offering a wide variety of tip sizes, the conical tips can usually be found in larger tip sizes, such as 1.0mm and 0.7mm.

The needle tips are used for the smaller 0.35 and 0.5 tips. This means Pentel pens are incredibly versatile, and you can choose which size fits your writing best!

The Type Of Ink

Pentel pens consist of liquid gel, and this gel ink is specially formulated to allow the ink to dispense freely (almost in the same way as rollerball pens). Pentel pens also have a very quick drying time.

However, even though Pentel pens have a great flow, the ink will maintain enough viscosity to produce sharp and well-rounded lines that won’t feather. The best thing about these types of inks is that they pride themselves on the vibrant and rich pigment that will leave your page stained!

Water Resistance

With a Pentel pen, you will be provided with triple the protection! The pens are fraud-proof, fade-proof, and most importantly, water-proof!

Bleeding Of Ink

With these pens’ quick-drying, super smooth, and permanent ink, you certainly won’t be having any problems with the ink bleeding on your paper. The highly pigmented and permanent gel ink is perfect for signing important documents.


Even if you make use of cheap paper, the ink will not feather and spread. Therefore, your lines will always look precise and sharp!

Pentel Pen Form Factor

Pentel pens come in retractable and capped versions. Most of the models have a decent sizes barrel, which is not too slim, and a latex-free rubber grip to provide you with a comfortable hold.

These pens are lightweight, yet they still have a good balance for easy writing.

The Best Uses For Pentel Pens

With the wide range of colors of pentel pens, you have loads to choose from. However, the available colors are highly pigmented and vibrant. Usually, the retractable pentel pens are available in more colors than other models.

If you would like to invest in buying a pentel pen, you will find it a much more suitable choice for signing documents and general writing than using it for an art project.


Now that you are aware of all the critical differences between felt tip pens and Pentel pens, you are sure to make the best choice when it comes to your writing needs. By choosing the correct pen for the job, you will maximize these pens’ overall performance.

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