Can You Refill A Ballpoint Pen?

There is very nearly nothing more frustrating than a pen that has run out of ink. Most people have experienced this problem, and it is usually not a big deal, but what if your favorite ballpoint pen has run out of ink? is it possible to refill a ballpoint pen, or are you forced to find a new one? 

Only ballpoint pens that are designed to use refill cartridges can be refilled. Disposable ballpoint pens with ink tubes should not be refilled but discarded when they run dry. Reusable ballpoints are better and are meant to be used and refilled for years without being discarded.

Finding the right ballpoint pen for you is challenging, but if you are lucky enough to have found it, it can be disheartening when it eventually runs out of ink. This problem looms over everyone who uses a ballpoint every day, but the good news is that there is often a solution to the problem. Let’s learn the details of refilling ballpoint pens.

Is It Possible To Refill Ballpoint Pens?

If you have ever used a ballpoint pen for a long time, you have probably experienced the sinking feeling that comes along when it runs out of ink. There is almost nothing more inconvenient than a pen running out while you are using it. This has led many ballpoint pen users to wonder if these pens can be refilled.

The truth is, some ballpoints can be refilled, and others cannot. There is a clear difference between those that can and those that cannot be refilled, and understanding the difference is the solution to the problem.

The difference between ballpoints that can and cannot be refilled lies in the name. Reusable ballpoint pens can be refilled easily, and disposable ballpoint pens are designed to be thrown away when they run dry rather than refiled.

Both of these types of ballpoint pens are commonplace and very widely used internationally. Reusable ballpoints are meant to be refilled, but disposable versions are not designed in the same way. Let’s learn the differences and the details of refilling these pens.

Reusable Ballpoint Pens

Reusable ballpoint pens are typically those that are associated with more high-end brands and manufacturers. These are the click-pens that we are all familiar with and come in a variety of quality levels and price ranges.

Regardless of the brand or price range of reusable ballpoints, they all share one common attribute: they can be refilled. This is the very definition of the reusable ballpoint, as these pens are designed to be refilled with ink in some way and are meant to last the user a very long time.

Reusable ballpoint pens are typically refilled by installing an ink cartridge replacement. These are pressurized cylinders that contain ink for the pen and are interchangeable. This means that when the pen runs dry, refilling it is a simple matter of installing a new ink cartridge.

This process is simple to do and means that the pen is likely to last a very long time. Refills are not typically expensive and are usually available at several price point options.

Disposable ballpoint Pens

Disposable ballpoint pens, on the other hand, are not meant to be refilled. These pens are cheap, simple, and are designed to be discarded when they run out of ink.

The ink delivery mechanism of this type of ballpoint is made in such a way that refilling the pen is exceedingly difficult and not worth the trouble. These pens are so cheap that they are sold in bulk and are easy to throw away when they run dry. 

However, if you are determined enough and possess the right equipment, a disposable ballpoint pen ink tube can be refilled with oil-based ink using a very fine syringe and blunt needle.

The cost of buying ink and the right syringe and need combination is likely to cost more than purchasing a new pen of this type, which means that the process is largely wasteful and not worth the effort.

How To Tell If Your Ballpoint Can Be Refilled

How to tell if your favorite ballpoint pen can be refilled is a simple matter, but not everyone is sure what the differences are. Let’s clear up the confusion and help you determine whether to buy a new pen or simply buy an ink refill for your favorite ballpoint.

If your favorite ballpoint pen can be refiled, the barrel of the pen will usually unscrew into two halves. This will expose a silver cylinder with a pen nib on the end of it. This cylinder is the ink cartridge.

If this cartridge can be easily removed and reinserted into the pen, it is a ballpoint that is designed to be refilled with compatible ink cartridges.

If your ballpoint pen is one solid piece, showing no signs of detachable parts, or if it contains a simple open-ended tube containing ink, it is likely not meant to be reused. This is usually a disposable ballpoint and should be discarded rather than reused when it runs dry.

Is Refilling A Ballpoint Pen Worthwhile?

Refilling a reusable ballpoint pen is a worthwhile practice. This type of ink refill is designed to be cheaper than buying a new pen and is meant to allow a person to make use of the same per for many years.

Ballpoint pen ink refills are not expensive, even for very premium brand ballpoints. These pens are worth refilling rather than discarding until the body and barrel of the pen itself become too tarnished to use.

Refiling a disposable ballpoint pen is technically possible, but it is not worth the time, energy, or cost involved. Refilling the ink tube within this type of pen requires the right type of ink and the appropriate equipment to do so.

This ink and equipment are far more expensive than a new disposable pen, which makes it not worthwhile to refill this pen type.


At the end of it all, some ballpoint pens can be refilled, and others cannot. The pens that can be refilled are designed to be reused for years, while those that are not are meant to be discarded after they run dry.

Investing in a premium ballpoint pen that is designed to use refill cartridges is a good investment for someone who writes with a ballpoint a lot. This will save money in the long run, and it will allow you to get familiar with one pen and become comfortable with it without changing it for years to come.

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