Are Brush Pens Good On Glass? What You Must Know

When it comes down to decorative writing or drawing on glass, many people are unsure which pens to use. After all, there are many factors that come into play here, from the pen’s design to the type of ink used. If you’re wondering whether brush pens can be used on glass, this is what you need to know!

Brush pens are commonly used to write and draw on glass surfaces. Due to the unique brush tips, line width can be varied, which produces beautiful effects. For writing on glass, brush pens using acrylic paint will yield the best results. These are available in many vibrant colors.

If you’re looking to use brush pens on glass, we’re going to break down everything you need to know. We’ll be looking at the type of ink used, the different types of brush tips, and the advantages of using these pens for decorative writing on glassware and ceramics.

Do Brush Pens Work On Glass?

If you want to draw on glassware, you might be wondering whether you can use brush pens. As the name suggests, brush pens as a hybrid between a pen and a paintbrush. Ink is fed to the brush tip of these pens, much like other pens. However, the unique tip allows for smoother writing and drawing.

However, there’s a certain limitation to brush pens, which plays an important role in whether brush pens can be used on glass. With a regular paintbrush, it is possible to use various paints and inks. On the other hand, brush pens provide ink for the pen, which can be limiting to an extent.

You’ll find many brush pens that utilize the same ink as permanent markers. Of course, this type of ink can be used on glass. However, it may be prone to fading. You’ll also find pens using inks that are more akin to those used in whiteboard markers, which will easily erase on glass.

However, if you’re looking to use a brush pen to use for permanent decorative writing on glass, you might be wondering about which inks would be best suited to this. You’ll want to look for brush pens that contain acrylic paint. In addition to glassware, acrylic paints are often used to write on ceramics.

With the right ink, you’ll be able to use a brush pen to write on glass. Of course, most brush pens will be able to write on glass. However, the ink you need depends on the goals of your project. If you’re looking for a brush pen that can be erased, you might want one with whiteboard marker ink. However, you might prefer oil and acrylic brush pens.

There are also alternatives that can be used for writing on glass, such as chisel tip markers. However, there are unique advantages to using a brush pen for decorative writing or drawing on glass surfaces. These advantages stem from the unique design of these pens!

Different Brush Pen Tips For Glass

The tips of brush pens make them more versatile pens. For instance, users can skillfully vary line width with these pens due to the brush tips. When it comes down to decorative writing and drawing on glass, this versatility is a great advantage. However, just like the ink in your pen plays a role in the final product, so does the material used for the tip of your brush pen.

There are three basic materials used for these tips: natural bristles, synthetic tips, and felt tips. If you’re looking for a brush pen that will feel like a traditional paintbrush, a pen with natural bristles will be your best option.

Synthetic tips, which are often made from nylon, offer a similar feel while being easier to handle when writing on glass. Felt tips are, of course, firmer and less brush-like, which makes them easy to use for producing consistent lines.

Once again, the type of brush tip you decide to use depends on your project needs. There are many different brush pens available that are perfect for writing on glass. In the following section, we’re going to look at some of the best brush pen sets for decorative writing and drawing on glass.

The Best Brush Pens For Glass

With one of these fantastic brush pen sets, you’ll be writing and drawing on glass in no time!

#1: Coogert Medium & Fine Tip Acrylic Paint Brush Pens

There are 24 brush pens included in this set from Coogert. The dual tip design allows you to customize your brush strokes even further. These pens are suitable for writing on glass, ceramics, and almost any surface! The fast-drying ink in these pens is long-lasting and will not fade over time.

From more than 130 reviews, this brush pen set has a rating of 4.7/5. Customers have praised the creativity these pens have helped them unlock!

#2: Penguin Art Supplies Dual Tip Acrylic Paint Pens

This paint pen set from Penguin Art Supplies has 28 different pens – as well as a nifty carrying case for them. Like the set discussed above, these pens are also dual-tipped. These bold colors might be perfect for your project!

From more than 1900 reviews, this set of paint pens currently holds a rating of 4.6/5. Many customers have praised the details they’re able to draw with these pens.

#3: ZEYAR Acrylic Paint Brush Pens

This set of 12 brush pens from ZEYAR is comprised of different classic colors, including black, gold, and silver. The ink is both water- and fade-resistant. The brush tips allow for smooth writing on a variety of surfaces, including glass!

From more than 60 reviews, this set holds a rating of 4.4/5. Consumers have praised the vibrancy of the colors produced by these brush pens.

Using Brush Pens For Calligraphy On Glass

Equipped with a set of acrylic brush pens, your creativity will be limitless. However, if you’re looking to get inspired, you might want to try your hand at calligraphy on glass. After all, the brush tips and varying thicknesses will make your calligraphy really stand out!

If you’d like to try your hand at this, any of the brush pens discussed above will work! There’s also a fantastic tutorial from Crooked Calligraphy that guides you through the process of crafting calligraphy on glass. You can check the tutorial out below!


Brush pens are a great choice for those looking to write on glass! Available in a variety of vibrant colors, decorative writing has never been more fun. Brush tips have many unique advantages, such as the ability for you to vary line widths. This can produce many stunning effects on glass!

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