Are Expensive Pens REALLY Worth It?

We all have been tempted to spend our hard-earned money on one of the luxury pen brands, but stopped and wondered, is it really worth it? For those of you who already have, you can rest assured that that expensive pen was definitely worth its price tag!

Expensive pens are worth it because they give you a sense of purpose, will save you money in the long run, and possibly improve your handwriting. It makes for the ideal gift, can become a family heirloom, is eco-friendly, makes your desk look luxurious, and lasts longer because they are refillable.

Are you wondering if you’re making the right choice to invest in an expensive pen? Continue reading with us to find out all the reasons why you will definitely not regret your decision!

Reasons Why Expensive Pens Are Worth It

There are so many reasons why expensive pens are worth the investment. So, if you’re not convinced yet, let us convince you with some of the benefits you will receive when buying an expensive luxury pen:

They Give You A Greater Sense Of Purpose And Authenticity

For many people, expensive luxury pens are worth it because of their objective sense of luxury. They symbolize authority and provide you with an attitude of expertise and knowledge in your field.

Owning a luxury pen instead of a throw-away pen indicates how special the pen is. There has been a common misconception about luxury pens that people who own them have problems with their self-esteem.

However, this is not true, and by purchasing an expensive pen, you will be provided with a sense of style and purpose, which definitely makes your purchase worth the money.

Expensive Pens Save You Money In The Long Run

if you either have an office or desk job, you will find yourself constantly writing and having to buy those cheap throw-away pens. Think about all the money you consistently spend on those cheap pens. It quickly adds up over the course of a year.

You might be thinking expensive pens are not worth it because you buy those cheapies. However, this is not true! If you’re in the market and looking for a luxury pen, you are making a clever decision.

Expensive pens will require you to give out a bit of money immediately, but it will save you heaps in the future. Therefore, expensive pens are seen as an excellent investment, and they will last you much longer when you put them under the pressure of more use.

And the best thing of all is, when you run out, you can simply refill its ink, which is low in cost. Talk about economical and stylish!

Expensive Pens May Improve Your Handwriting

It is important that you don’t expect miracles to happen when you buy yourself an expensive pen. You won’t be turning into a calligrapher overnight without any practice!

However, it is well known that expensive luxury pens will offer you a more refined writing experience, which ultimately will make the process of your writing well-rounded, neat, and smoother.

Different types of pens will suit different styles of writing, so finding the ideal pen for yourself will make a very positive difference in your handwriting. An expensive pen’s girth, weight, and balance will result in a better writing experience!

Matching your expensive pen with a comfortable, high-quality pen grip is all the elements you need for a more pleasurable feeling when writing. Therefore, it will result in you writing neater.

Expensive Pens Make For A Functional Luxury Gift

Choosing gifts for your friends, family, or loved ones could be a challenging activity. Most people resort to buying flowers, balloons, or alcohol preference, and these things have no sense of value whatsoever.

You may wish to gift these special people in your life with something more memorable and valuable.

You can’t go wrong with a high-quality luxury pen, especially if the person has a passion for writing. Expensive pens symbolize resilience and strength and make the perfect gift for a graduation.

An Expensive Pen Can Become A Sentimental Family Heirloom

Because of the exceptional durability of luxury pens, they make the perfect family heirlooms. If these pens are gifted for a special occasion, you can urge the receiver to keep the gift for many years to come so that they can pass it down through their family.

Expensive pens can also drastically increase in value over the years, making them even more worth purchasing! In addition, they can become more of a nostalgic and sentimental gift your entire family will treasure for decades!

Expensive Pens Are An Eco-Friendly Alternative

Many people might think that purchasing an expensive luxury pen is irrational. However, it has been proved that expensive pens are considered a more environmentally friendly choice when it comes to buying pens.

If you consider yourself an eco-conscious person, purchasing an expensive pen will be worth it because it will help reduce your carbon footprint! By replacing your plastic and cheap pens with a sturdy, long-lasting one, you will be doing your part in helping to protect and help the environment!

The over-production of cheap plastic pens and their short shelf life contributes significantly to landfill waste. To make these matters even worse, most cheap pens are non-biodegradable.

By investing in an expensive pen, you will be making a small but considerate chan e toward a much bigger issue!

Expensive Pens Will Spice Up Your Desk

An expensive luxury pen will make a statement on any desk. It will show you are professional, measured, and care about how you portray yourself to others.

When it comes to the psychological side of things, it will impress your superiors in meetings, and not to mention making the signing of documents pleasurable!

Additionally, if you have achieved a milestone or undergone a promotion in your workplace, treating yourself with an expensive and luxurious pen will make the perfect gift for yourself to celebrate your victory!

Expensive Pens Will Last For A Very Long Time

Globally famous pen companies such as Mont Blanc and Waterman, who manufacture more expensive pens, will likely spend a lot of their time crafting a long-lasting and reliable pen for their customers.

This ultimately means that they will last much longer when put under the pressure of everyday use. And, the best thing of all is, if you happen to run out of ink, all you need to do is simply refill your pen’s ink compartment!

What To Know When You Buy An Expensive Pen

When you want to start your search for the perfect expensive luxury pen, considering what kind of pen you will need is the best place to start!

You also need to keep the value and pricing in mind, along with the pen’s materials. The finish, trim, and specific edition should also be considered.

Let’s take a look at all the things you need to know of before investing in an expensive pen:

Your Options Of Pens

There are three primary varieties to consider, including fountain pens, rollerball pens, and ballpoints. If you’re looking for the ultimate luxury experience, the fountain pen will be your best choice.

The fountain pen has a metal nib, which is usually made of solid gold. It also contains an internal ink supply with replaceable cartridges, a refillable converter, or even a built-in ink reservoir. Fountain pens will offer you the ultimate experience when it comes to elegant writing and sophistication.

If you’re a luxury pen buyer, fountain pens will be your best choice for writing instruments. Many of these fine writing instruments can also be bought in ballpoint versions, which also come with replaceable ink refills.

Ballpoint pens will provide you with the convenience of a click or twist action. This makes ballpoint pens the perfect fit for people with an active lifestyle.

When it comes to rollerball pens, they offer a much higher degree of smooth writing on each page, and they also use disposable ink refills. Unlike ballpoint, rollerball pens use a twist-on or screw-on cap.

The Pricing And Value

The pricing for expensive luxury pens can range anywhere between the $100 range for some high-quality entry-level pens. It could easily be in the tens of thousands of dollars price range when it comes to limited and one-of-a-kind pens.

Some of these one-of-a-kind writing instruments are manufactured by companies such as Namiki, Danitrio, as well as Mont Blanc. There are significant differences between these entry-level and one-of-a-kind pens, and it all depends on your writing needs.

Artisanal production processes and direct relationships with many retailers worldwide allow these companies to manufacture these exceptional and high-quality writing instruments at prices that can be well below that of pens of other companies.

These pens are seen as some of the best additions you can incorporate into your daily writing. Some pens are even manufactured and then hand-painted and consist of precious materials such as gold dust and raden. These pens are indeed a work of art in their own way.

The Materials Used In The Pen’s Body

Another factor you should seriously consider when choosing an expensive luxury pen is the material that is used for the barrel and cap. While lots of high-quality writing instruments are made from durable resins, the actual signs you can look for in an expensive pen would be the usage of hand-worked materials.

These materials include celluloid, ebonite hard rubber, precious woods, or even metals such as sterling silver or titanium, or both. You will surely be pleasantly surprised to find out that there are lots of affordable luxury pens available in sterling silver, while titanium still remains a very common material in modern models.

High-quality celluloid has a long history and to this day remains a specialty of upscale Italian pen manufacturers.

Ebonite hard rubber is the most common material used to produce high-quality, expensive pens.

Many vintage wiring instruments made from it are still in usage, even though it was manufactured up to a hundred years ago! Pens with wooden bodies have their own history.

The Finish And Trim Of Expensive Pens

While many brightly colored paint-based lacquers and resins have remained popular in the more affordable writing instruments, hand-applied finishes with natural Urushi lacquer has become most common for most Japanese luxury pens.

It has frequently been adopted for the usage of some models by European companies as well. Urushi is known as a natural substance, and it can either be used for solid color finishes or layered single finishes.

When Urushi is used on an ebonite hard rubber surface, it results in a writing instrument with a unique, warm, comfortable feel in the writer’s hand. It would be good for you to keep in mind that Urushi is commonly used for these purposes.

Many expensive luxury pen owners have reported that since they have used such a pen, they will never choose to use another kind of pen ever again!

The metal trim on these pens also has a massive effect on the aestethics and the overall value of any pen. While many high-quality, expensive pens use rhodium or gold plating over brass, some of these pens will use solid gold or solid sterling silver for their banding and clip.

While luxury fountain pens will already feature the solid gold-colored nibs, platings in rose gold, ruthenium, or rhodium will often be used to match the trim of the exterior, such as the barrel and cap.

Whether The Pen Is Made To Order, Special, Or Limited Edition

While most expensive luxury pens are available on the market as standard order items, other types of pens are offered as only a limited edition of unique models to give customers that special feel.

When even a limited edition with only a few pens isn’t unique enough, these expensive pen companies have specially designed one-of-a-kind pens unique to each customer.

The pens can be customized to each customer’s needs and taste, incorporating elements such as personalized designs and calligraphy.


Now that you know precisely why expensive pens will 100% be worth your purchase and what to look for when buying these pens, you are probably already on your way to the supermarket!

Expensive pens will benefit you in several ways and provide you with the best possible writing experience!

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