Is Your Handwriting Getting Worse? This Might Be Why

have you noticed that your handwriting isn’t what it used to be anymore? There are multiple reasons why your handwriting may have gotten worse, and some reasons may be more concerning than others. Nevertheless, there are definitely valid reasons.

Your handwriting could worsen because you haven’t been taught correctly, you became complacent when writing, you don’t know how to hold a pen, you might be writing too fast, or you lack patience. Dyslexia, carpal tunnel, Parkinson’s, hand dystonia, or Ataxia can also worsen your handwriting.

Some reasons may shock you, and others may scare you. Let’s look at all the reasons behind your handwriting getting worse.

10 Reasons Why Your Handwriting Is Getting Worse

there are 11 primary reasons you should keep in mind when you notice your handwriting getting worse. Some of these you can fix yourself, but others could be vastly more complicated.

Let’s take a finer look at the ten most common reasons why your handwriting is getting worse:

1. You Have Not Been Taught Correctly In Your Younger Years

It is very possible that when you were taught to write, you weren’t given enough time to form all the shapes of your letters or the structure of words correctly. This can severely impact the way you write today.

For example, if your m looks more and more like an n, you definitely have this problem. It isn’t your fault, and you can definitely change the way your writing looks at any age, so don’t stress! You can learn and implement a few tricks to change how you write quickly!

2. You Might Have Become Lazier Over The Years

Obviously, we all have moments when we want to write something down as quickly as possible. When we do this, we don’t care how the words are written, as long as we can read them!

However, it is really important that you make sure you write something that is neat and won’t possibly be misunderstood by others.

Taking the extra time to pay attention to your handwriting will ultimately benefit you in the long run and keep you from getting lazy and developing bad habits when it comes to your handwriting.

3. You’re Not Holding The Pen Correctly

Another factor that can contribute to your handwriting getting worse is that you might be incorrectly holding your pen or pencil. This could mean holding your pen in a grip or holding it at its top.

Most people tend to slant their pens so that the bottom of the pen sits between their thumb and forefinger. This allows for slight strokes of the pen.

Most artists tend to hold a pen using this method so that they will have more freedom of movement while sketching.

You might have developed a bad habit while holding your pen, so consider changing the way you hold it and see if your handwriting improves.

4. You Lack Patience When You Write

In our modern world, most general desk jobs will require you to work on your computer or laptop, and you will find yourself writing an email or document more often than writing them with your hand.

As technology improves continuously, writing has become a thing of the past in the professional world, which could lead to you not having enough patience when it comes to those times you absolutely have to write something with your hand.

Try having more patience with yourself and see your handwriting as a work of art!

5. You Might Be Writing Too Fast

If you notice that you make more mistakes and your writing looks downright sloppy, you may want to consider writing more slowly.

It is more difficult to form your letters and words correctly when you have a fast writing pace. You will notice that your letters are either slanting up, it’s too close together, or some words may be bigger than others and overlap.

Your handwriting may be hard to read and may look like scribbles. Try writing at a slow pace, and you will quickly notice your handwriting getting better!

6. You May Be Dyslexic

Though Dyslexia is known to affect your reading abilities, it can also have a massive impact on your handwriting. It can cause difficulty holding a pen, omitting words, or sloppy handwriting.

7. Carpal Tunnel

If you experience severe pain in your fingers and hands, it can worsen your handwriting, especially in the way you hold a pen or pencil.

Conditions such as Carpal Tunnel can be a challenge to work around.

Luckily, it can be managed with specific treatments. It would be in your best interest to take things slow and never push yourself.

At the end of the day, your handwriting isn’t nearly as important as your health and general well-being!

8. Parkinson’s Disease

People with Parkinson’s disease will also notice their handwriting getting worse as their disease progresses. This change is called micrographia and results in their handwriting becoming cramped and small.

It can also become more challenging to control their handwriting, mainly when they’re writing for more extended periods.

9. Hand Dystonia, Also Known As Writer’s Cramps

Writer’s cramps are known to be a type of focal dystonia, and it is yet another reason you would notice your handwriting deteriorate. Hand dystonia will cause severe contractions in the muscles of the arm and hands. This obviously will affect your handwriting significantly.

10. Ataxia

Ataxia is known as a group of disorders that will affect your speech, balance, coordination, as well as fine motor skills, which are necessary for eligible handwriting.

Ataxia is caused by damage to the part of your brain that controls your muscle coordination. Since writing is such as fine motor skill, any person with Ataxia will find it almost impossible to perfect their handwriting.


Whenever you notice a big change in your handwriting and do not know the cause, it would be in your best interest to see a medical professional rather sooner or later to determine the reason for the change.

This will help you find out how serious it is and possibly develop a method to deal with it correctly!

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