Is There REAL Gold In A Montblanc Pen?

The claim that a Montblanc pen has gold may make you wonder if it actually has gold or is just gold-plated. This question might be especially relevant if you are considering buying a Montblanc pen for yourself. Well, we have the answers to, ‘is there real gold in Montblanc pens?’

There is real gold in Montblanc pens. You can find 14 or 18 karat gold in Montblanc’s fountain pen’s nib in yellow, red, white, or champagne gold. However, not all Montblanc pens have real gold. If you are unsure whether the gold is genuine, various methods can help you determine its authenticity.

If you are considering buying a Montblanc pen online or from a friend, you may wonder if the gold they claim is real is, in fact, real. Read on to find out if gold on a pen is real.

Do Montblanc Pens Have Real Gold?

Montblanc pens are one of the giants in the luxury pen brand industry. Starting from humble origins in Hamburg, Germany, in 1906, it has grown into prominence as a global brand. These pens cater to the elite, and as such, only the best materials and exquisite craftsmanship are used.

One of the materials claimed to be used in the pens is gold. So, the question is; is it real gold or fools gold for the consumer? You may be surprised to learn that Montblanc indeed uses real gold in their pens – Which might help explain the pen’s high prices. However, not all parts of the pen are made of gold.

Instead, the gold is placed strategically on the pen. For instance, Montblanc’s fountain pen is made with 14 or 18 karat gold in yellow, red, white, or champagne gold. In addition, the nib alone of the Montblanc’s fountain pen goes through a rigorous 35 steps to make sure the nib, AKA the heart of the fountain pen, is of the highest quality.

Every fountain pen nib is created from gold strips that do not differ in more than 0.01mm thickness from each other. Therefore, the thickness of the gold used is exact. The blank nibs are then embossed with the number 4810.

You would think that this number represents some kind of product code, but it signifies something much more personal than that. 4810 is the altitude in meters of Mont Blanc’s highest peak. After the embossing, the nib goes through various steps to create the perfect Montblanc nib.

What is so unique about all of the following rigorous and lengthy steps is that they do not rely on machines; instead, they rely on the expertise and knowledge of people. So, that gold nib you are using is not just another machine-pressed product (although the nib’s shape was made this way); rather, it is handcrafted to precision.

In fact, even the last step of nib manufacturing is handled by people familiar with the feel, aesthetics, and even sound of the pen, which tests how well the pen writes to ensure quality. However, you must note that other parts of the pen may be gold plated, such as the cap or band around the pen.

Although gold plating mentions the word ‘gold,’ it is not technically considered gold, let alone real gold of worth. So, for this reason, we have not expanded on the gold plating of the pens.

How To Tell If Montblanc Pen Has Real Gold

With all the counterfeit pens out there, you do not want to get caught out dishing money for something anything less than the real deal. But unfortunately, many people are duped by imitations of luxury brands.

So how can we prevent this from happening to us? Well, for Montblanc pens, we can assess whether the gold is real. It is definitely an authentic Montblanc pen if the gold on the pen is real. If the gold is not real, it is just another fake in the sea of luxury brand counterfeits.

You should note that not all Montblanc pens are made from real gold. However, pens that are listed explicitly in the Montblanc pen catalog as having real gold (such as their renowned fountain pen) will have gold. For more information about this catalog, visit Montblanc’s official website.

Alternatively, you can ask for assistance at your nearest Montblanc store. So the question is; how do we test if gold is genuine on a pen? One of the best ways to test if gold is real or not is to use a strong magnet. Gold is a non-magnetic material, which means it does not magnetize when put next to a magnet.

So, in the case of Montblanc fountain pens, place a strong magnet, capable of pulling even metal blends, next to the nib. If you feel an attraction or a pull, it is fake gold and, therefore, a fake Montblanc pen. Conversely, if you don’t feel any force or tugging, there is a good chance that the gold is real.

However, this doesn’t mean you’re in the clear, as some counterfeits use non-magnetic material to trick the consumer. Another tip is to look for discoloration on the nib. If you notice discoloration or other metals underneath the gold, the gold is a fake.

This discoloration might be especially noticeable if the pen is second-hand and has been previously used. Additionally, you can look for evidence that the Montblanc pen itself is genuine.

Even though this tip does not directly address finding out if the gold is genuine, it might help you determine if the gold and the pen are real. When you find indications that the pen is authentic in conjunction with evidence that the gold is real, it is more than likely an original Montblanc pen.

You can also purchase Montblanc pens from reputable sellers since these pens will be genuine. However, if you are still uncertain as to the authenticity of the pen, take the pen to a local Jeweler or two (verification always helps) to make sure it is genuine gold.


Montblanc pens do have real gold. The gold can range from 14 to 18 kart and can come in different types of gold. If you want to buy a Montblanc pen from someone other than a reputable seller, it might be helpful to determine the authenticity of the gold before purchase.

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