Here’s Why Montblanc Pens Are So Expensive

Montblanc pens are a range of luxury pens, and they definitely have a mixed reputation. While some may believe that they are the best, others may think they are overpriced for their functionality and performance. Is there a reason why Montblanc pens are so expensive?

Montblanc pens are so expensive because of their history and reputation, timeless designs, refillable inks, materials used to manufacture them, and engineering. Because of the writing experience you receive with Montblanc pens, they will have a higher price tag.

Because of all the features, Montblanc has to offer, they are known to be expensive pens worldwide. Are you wondering why Montblanc pens are so expensive? Keep reading with us as we discuss the reason behind their high price tag!

Why Are Montblanc Ballpoint Pens So Expensive?

Let’s delve into all the reasons why these high-quality pens are so expensive to help you make the more educated choice when it comes to your writing needs:

Montblanc’s History And Reputation

Montblanc first started to produce pens along with other writing instruments back in the early stages of the twentieth century. After this, they very quickly managed to earn a spotless reputation for high-quality, reliable pens that offer you the best possible writing experience.

Over the next decade, these pens manufactured by Montblanc ended up evolving in a high range must-have pen which set you back around $300 in those times. Since then, these prices have rapidly increased.

Unlike almost every other famous and high-quality pen brand in the world, Montblanc does not have a form of an entry-level pen with a price tag under $100. Their cheapest pen is known as the Montblanc PIX, which will set you back $200.

All throughout the history of Montblanc, they have always managed to produce pens without any significant user issues and are one of the very few pen brands to say this with confidence!

Montblanc’s Beautiful And Timeless Designs

Back in 1951, Montblanc first introduced a pen with a sort of a torpedo shape to the market. This pen has a thick grip, making it one of the most comfortable pens to hold.

Even though there have been many changes to Montblanc’s designs over the years, the basic shape of their pens still remains to be the same. Montblanc ballpoint pens are available in chrome and gold in a range of colors, and their fountain pens have nibs made of pure gold.

These fountain pens are heavy but have a smooth rolling design to them. Every Montblanc pen features the signature snowcap on the pen cap, along with the Montblanc logo and a unique serial number.

When purchasing a Montblanc pen, you can rest assured that it is entirely unique and will never go out of style!

Montblanc Pens Are Refillable

Fast Forward To The 1950s And Early 1960s And The Montblanc Pen Range Has Evolved To Be A Dominant Force In The Luxury Fountain Pen Market, With Many European Royal Families Choosing Montblanc As Their Pen Brand Of Choice. Around This Time, Montblanc Also Started To Produce Their Signature Celluloid Pens Using The Highest Possible Quality Nitrocellulose And Camphor Resin To Try And Solidify Themselves As The Number One Luxury Pen Brand In The World.

When you make the difficult decision to invest a few hundred dollars in a high-quality pen, it only makes sense that you will expect it to last a lifetime.

One of the benefits of Montblanc is that its pens are refillable. It doesn’t matter whether you choose a fountain pen or a ballpoint pen. You can easily buy them ink refills or a filling system and continue to use them for several years!

These ink refills aren’t expensive and won’t break the bank, so you will ultimately be saving heaps of money in the long term!

Montblanc Pens Are Made Of The Best Materials

Several resins or precious materials made can be used to create a pen’s body successfully, but Montblanc doesn’t use any of them. Montblanc has stood their ground and stuck with the materials they know and trust.

However, they have a few special edition pens from some of their ranges that break the rule. Montblanc has constantly been developing their celluloid creation process over the years and ultimately uses the best ingredients possible to achieve their pens’ durable and legendary build!

When you spend your money on a Montblanc pen, you can know that it’s made from only the best of the best materials, giving you the sense of comfort that the pen won’t easily break and you have thrown your money in the water!

The Engineering Of Montblanc Pens

The engineering of the Montblanc can’t be compared to the engineering of any other pen in the world. Montblanc goes the extra mile to make sure their pens are perfect in every way before putting them on the market.

When purchasing a Montblanc pen, you can be entirely sure that you are receiving the best possible quality.

Montblanc Pens Give You The Optimal Writing Experience

The last factor brings us to the overall writing experience you will get from using a Montblanc pen. Although the flagship models from some of the other luxury brand pens can in some ways compete with the writing experience of Montblanc pens, there can often be issues with them over time.

However, Montblanc pens will provide you with the most extended writing experience without you having any problems. Even some of the cheapest Montblanc pens on the market have been engineered to offer you with the best possible writing experience you could possibly imagine!

Montblanc is known for its smooth, easily controllable pens, which will leave you with an excellent taste for their pens, and you are unlikely ever to purchase another brand!


Now that you know about all the reasons why Montblanc pens are so expensive, you are left to decide whether or not you want to invest in one.

Keep in mind that there is a reason why Montblanc pens have been so popular amongst famous writers all these years, and their popularity is continuously increasing!

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