Can You Polish A Montblanc Pen?

Montblanc pens are an excellent investment for anybody who has a passion for writing and needs to write daily documents. Do you have a Montblanc pen that needs some polishing? You might be wondering whether or whether not you can polish a Montblanc pen.

It is indeed possible to polish a Montblanc pen and get great results as well! It is advised that you pay a professional nib meister to polish your Montblanc pen, but it could result in higher costs due to the brand. You can easily polish your Montblanc pen yourself by following the correct steps.

Knowing the best ways you can possibly polish your Montblanc pen can make all the difference in prolonging its lifespan. Do you have a Montblanc pen that needs some polishing? Continue reading with us to know precisely how you should polish it!

Should You Polish A Montblanc Pen?

Although there are a wide variety of high-quality pen polishing kits on the market that you can use for those higher price point pens, such as models from the Montblanc ranges, it is usually advised that you consider having your pen sent to be polished. You can let a nib meister at your local stationery store polish your higher price point pens.

Nib meisters will not only have much better and more suitable tools for the job, but they will also be more likely to have better resin polish as well. You can purchase resin polish for a one-off polishing job, but you won’t have so much experience in polishing expensive pens to make them look as good as new as your nib meister would have.

However, if you only need to polish the cap or barrel of your Montblanc pen, it is recommended that you purchase a pen polishing kit and do the job yourself. The reason for this is that the majority of Montblanc pens cost upwards of $300.

Even their entry-level pen models come with an extreme price tag, so you can simply check the prices for a decent quality polish and buff kit at your local stationery shop.

Depending on your exact situation and what needs to be polished, you may be able to use the Montblanc pen’s warranty. Upon purchasing your Montblanc pen, you will receive a two-year warranty if you have purchased it through them directly or through one of their registered partners.

However, there is no guarantee that they will cover the polishing for free, but it would be worth checking. This is really important if you’re looking to polish your Montblanc pen due to damages.

Step-By-Step Guide To Polish Your Montblanc Pen

Do you want to polish your Montblanc pen yourself? Let’s take a look at how you can successfully polish your Montblanc pen in the comfort of your own home!

Step 1: Dip Your Montblanc Pen Into A Cup Of Warm Water

Dip your Montblanc pen in some hot water, but do not use boiling hot water as it will dry the ink and make it much harder to remove. You can use this dip to soften any dried ink inside your pen.

You will generally find that the fee a nib meister will charge for the job to be done professionally will be almost the same price to purchase your own polish and do the job yourself anyway.

Step 2: Remove Your Montblanc Pen From The Warm Water

After you have allowed some time for the warming up process to melt all the access ink inside of your pen, you can take your pen out of the warm water.

Carefully place your pen on an even surface, or alternatively, hold it with your hand. Be careful not to press so hard to crack your Montblanc pen further downwards.

This will result in poorly engraved words. Keep your eyes on your pen and check if there is still remaining dried ink so that you can clean it out with an old piece of cloth.

Step 3: Polish Your Pen Using A Clean, Cotton Cloth

Take a piece of fine fabric or a soft and clean cotton cloth. Dip it in warm water and rinse it thoroughly so that any excess moisture will get removed from it.

After you have done this, place your prepared piece of fabric on top of your Montblanc pen, and try to use a smaller piece of fabric for polishing off the dried ink with your other hand. Do this on both sides of your pen until there is no trace left of the dried ink.

During this process, ensure that you only focus on the areas where you want to perform the actual cleaning activity.

Step 4: Finishing The Cleaning Process Correctly

Lastly, you want to wash your Montblanc pen with mild soap after you have successfully removed all the dried ink inside of it. You can then help your Montblanc pen to dry entirely by placing it into the sun or under a fan.

Make sure that you wipe off any remaining drops of water on its surface and keep your pen away from any moisture for at least three days.

Keeping your pen away from moisture during this time will avoid any chances of mold developing in and on its body. If your pen gets into contact with mold, it can be a challenging and expensive process to get it working up to standard again!

Your Montblanc pen will almost be as good as new after you have completed this process! This is also the best-known way to clean your Montblanc pen if you do not own a pen polishing kit!


Suppose you don’t already own a decent-quality pen polishing kit. In that case, the price a nib meister would charge you to have your pen polished professionally can end up being much less than if you were to purchase the correct equipment to do it yourself.

Polishing your Montblanc pen can ultimately make it appear much more beautiful than it already is and prolong its lifespan!

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