Can You Have A Montblanc Pen Repaired?

A Montblanc pen is definitely not your average, run of the mill writing aid, and due to its price and prowess, they have become collectibles. However, these pens can be damaged and require some general form of maintenance over time. Since Montblanc pens are part of a niche market, repairs are specialized and can be costly. 

Montblanc pens are considered jewelry, and therefore the US Montblanc company works with “My Jewelry Repair” to have a care and repair center that provides services to fix the pens depending on the damage done. However, they only provide this service to authentic products around the United States.

Now that we know Montblanc pens can be repaired, the question is whether it is possible to repair them anywhere through any repair specialist? Let’s delve into some different factors that affect the repair process of a Montblanc pen, and when is a collectible pen like this considered to be “beyond repair?”

Where And How Can I Repair A Montblanc Pen?

According to the official Montblanc website, they have a partnership with My Jewelry Repair to fix various products that include writing instruments. Therefore, all specialized repairs are done by “My Jewelry Repair,” making their services available from 12 pm to 8 pm on Mondays to Fridays.

“My Jewelry Repair” can also be contacted for specific information regarding the repair of a Montblanc pen via their email of Quotes and queries will differ from one jewelry pen to another as some are considered to be more valuable, and some damages require more recourses to repair.

It’s vital to note that these repairs are only done in the United States for pens that are considered to be authentic Montblanc. The authenticity of a Montblanc pen can be done by the boutiques and authorized retailers. Montblanc offers an option on their website where the nearest store can be located to evaluate the authenticity of any Montblanc pen.

The authenticity service is done at the headquarters by a specialist who will issue a “Certificate of Authenticity” if the product is considered original and genuine. To authenticate a Montblanc pen is not a free service due to the recourses a time being invested.

The process can take up to five business days and costs around $70, which also includes the certificate should it qualify for one. However, the charge does exclude shipping, and there is, of course, no guarantee of authenticity once the amount is paid.

So, Montblanc pens can be repaired, but to keep the integrity intact of the warranty and authenticity, it’s vital to run through the proper channels to ensure your Montblanc pen is as original as the day of purchase.

Do Montblanc Pens Have Warranties?

For almost a century and a half, Montblanc has created various jewelry that has become collectibles. Pens created by Montblanc have especially garnered a reputation of being associated with royalty, celebrities, and elected officials. Over time, the materials and craftsmanship became more specialized, making the pens all the more expensive.

The majority of Montblanc pens are made of iridium, platinum, and gold, which are not only durable but valuable. However, due to its specialized craftsmanship and quality materials, authentic Montblanc pens can last a lifetime and is an ideal jewelry piece to pass down from generation to generation.

So, without question, Montblanc pens are built to last, but do we have a guarantee that they will? Montblanc does offer a 2-year guarantee since the date of purchase which covers repairs but excludes other aspects which are important to be aware of:

  • Firstly, any defects beyond their control like theft or fire are not covered.
  • Secondly, damages because of misuse are not covered
  • Thirdly, any alteration to the product that an approved Montblanc specialist did not do will not be covered.
  • Fourthly, defects that are considered normal for a pen that is in constant use will also not be covered.
  • Finally, cleaning or maintenance of the pen is also not included in the guarantee.

Besides the 2 year guarantee, Montblanc offers their certificate of authenticity and warranty for the collectors who choose to have legit items for display. Older items without the proper papers can also be provided with a new authenticity and warranty certificate within a few working days.

Montblanc pens are well known as collectible jewelry pieces that provide elegance and class when jotting down notes. Beyond the security of specialized repairs, authenticating the pen will go a long way to creating a relationship with the company that will make future repairs and collections convenient and pleasurable.

Are There Other Options Besides The Montblanc Company For Repairs?

Various other companies exist that are willing to fix different quality pens, but that might not be the best option for a collectible Montblanc pen. There have been forum discussions on various websites regarding how to fix a Montblanc fountain pen and where to do it, and the answers vary and are not always ideal.

The main conclusion is that when it comes to Montblanc pens, which are authentic, it’s better to work directly with Montblanc en My Jewelry Repair to find the best solution for the damage to the pen.

Cheaper and alternative options will be available, but unfortunately, any alteration done to the pen not covered or approved by Montblanc will terminate the warranty and authentication. Therefore, even though other services may provide a more affordable solution, it is still not the best option for a collectible pen.

In any case, the majority of alternative services available prefer not to or completely avoid working on Montblanc pens due to complexities and specialization.

Therefore, an unaltered warranty with a collectible pen will grow in value for years to come. To invest in the pen’s maintenance through the approved channels will result in a valuable piece of jewelry in a legacy of writing instruments.


Depending on the extent of the damage, Montblanc pens can be repaired through their services with My Jewelry repair. All authentic pens have a warranty as long as it is serviced and repaired through the approved channels. Brand new pens even provide a 2-year guarantee to repair all pens free of charge as long as it adheres to their requirements.

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