Can You Engrave A Parker Pen? (A Buyers Guide)

Engraving a pen is an excellent way to personalize a gift and leave a lasting impression. But are some pens harder to engrave than others? Follow allow as we discuss if you can engrave a Parker pen.

You can engrave a Parker pen. Engraving a Parker pen will cost anywhere from $10-$40 depending on the type of material the Parker pen is made from and how many letters you want to engrave. Parker pens will usually be engraved along the barrel or on the cap of the pen.

Engraving a Parker pen takes time, so it is essential to know how long it will take so you can plan accordingly. Read on to find out more.

Can You Engrave A Parker Pen?

Engraving a Parker Pen is a great way to add personalization to a gift, whether it’s for yourself or a loved one. However, you may be wondering if Parker Pen’s are pens that can be engraved; because, let’s face it, even though you can do without it, engraving a pen gives it a little something extra.

So can you engrave a Parker Pen? Thankfully, yes! Many businesses offer personalizations for Parker pens for a fee. However, some companies offer to engrave a Parker pen for free! But there is a catch to this.

These companies only offer to engrave Parker pens bought from their store. So, although it might seem ‘free,’ the actual cost of the engraving has been factored into the original selling price. So how much does it cost to engrave a Parker pen from a third party?

Pen engraving costs depend on various factors, and as such, the price range can vary quite a bit. For instance, the price can depend on the number of letters you would like engraved, the size of the engraving, the material of the pen, and the number of items you want to be engraved.

On average, engraving a parker pen can cost anywhere from $10 -$40, depending on the different factors. Before you have your pen engraved, provide a detailed description of what you would like and ask for a quote on how much it will cost. In this way, you can determine whether or not engraving costs are within your budget.

How Long Does It Take To Engrave A Parker Pen?

It isn’t easy to estimate the exact time it will take to engrave a Parker pen because this depends on many factors; the material of the pen, the size of the inscription, and even how busy the company is will determine how long it takes.

For instance, if you hand over your Parker pen to an engraver over the Christmas period, you may find that there are delays due to many people getting items, such as jewelry, engraved. However, with peak season aside, engraving can take anywhere from a couple of hours to 5 business days.

Ask the engraver if you want to know a more specific time frame. The engraver should be able to tell you the estimated time it will take to engrave a pen. If the pen has been sent to a third party, speaking directly with the engraver may not always be possible. In this case, it is safe to assume the engraving will take more than two days.

Where To Engrave On A Parker Pen?

Parker pens are engraved on the cap of the pen or along the barrel. Make sure to inform the engraver of where you would like the pen engraved, as some companies engrave a specific part of the pen (such as the cap) unless otherwise stated.

Thus, you may send in your pen thinking it will be engraved along the barrel, only to find out it has been engraved on the cap. So communication is critical. And with parker pens, you cannot afford to make mistakes as these pens do not cost spare change. So it is vitally important to communicate everything you want in detail.

Also, it is advisable to consider the aesthetics of the pen. Since many Parker pens have their logo embossed on the cap, you may find that the logo and an engraving on the cap will compete for attention. Of course, this is dependent on how big or small the engraving is.

For example, a small engraving of an initial on the cap is likely to be overshadowed by the large Parker pen logo. However, this may not be the case in every instance since every Parker pen and engraving is unique.

Ideas For Engraving A Parker Pen

Choosing what to engrave on a Parker pen can be a challenging task. After all, the pressure of knowing the engraving will be a permanent addition to the pen can bring anxiety to even the most easy-going of people. We need to determine who the engraving is meant for to ease the stress.

Is the engraving a gift for someone in your professional circle? Or is it a gift for a family member or friend in your personal life? The type of engraving etiquette to use depends on who the recipient is. For professional engravings, consider engraving the brand’s logo or a message that acknowledges a career milestone or retirement.

For clients, you can engrave a message that acknowledges their support or a special contract in line with your brand. For personal relationships, consider engraving

the date of the start of your relationship, the recipient’s name (or initials if their name is too long), or a relevant quote that sums up your relationship.

Also, don’t forget to specify which font you would like used on the engraving. Some fonts can seem more classy and sophisticated, which can be a great addition to a professional or even romantic relationship. Other fonts may appear more casual, which might fit well with an engraved date or a quote.


Engraving a Parker pen is a wonderful way to leave an impression and make the gift that much more personalized. The engraving will usually take anywhere from a couple of hours to a few business days, so remember to plan accordingly.

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