Are Parker Pens REALLY Worth It?

Over time, The Parker Pen Company has remained one of the most popular manufacturers of writing instruments. Founded in 1888, this company has more than a century’s worth of experience in crafting high-quality pens. However, many consumers find themselves questioning whether Parker pens are truly worth it.

Parker pens are worth buying! From hand-drawn conceptual drawings to selecting the perfect materials, Parker pens are meticulously crafted. Parker’s pens are praised for their durability, timelessness, and accessibility. Parker pens are also commonly collected, gifted, or passed down as heirlooms.

In this article, we’re going to break down why Parker pens are truly worth it! From their history of innovation to Parker’s meticulous design and manufacturing process, this is what you need to know if you’re considering the purchase of a Parker pen.

The Rise In Popularity Of Parker Pens

From Ancora to Montblanc, there are many companies that continue to produce luxury pens today. Of course, The Parker Pen Company is among these manufacturers of deluxe pens. Founded by George Safford Parker in 1888, the company has since built a reputation for producing high-quality pens.

In 1894, Parker would patent his own ink supply system, which was called Lucky Curve. This revolutionary anti-leak pen feed system allowed excess ink to be drawn into the barrel of a pen, even when the pen was not in use. Parker’s Jointless fountain pen used this system and was his company’s first truly successful pen.

Between the 1920s and 1960s, Parker pens were among the top best-selling writing instruments in the world. The extraordinary popularity of Parker during this time is evidence of the company’s dedication to quality and innovation. This popularity can best be exemplified by two different pens introduced by Parker during this period.

Firstly, let’s consider the Parker 51, a fountain pen that was introduced in 1941. The numerical naming was not only an ode to the company’s 51st year in 1939 but an effort to avoid needing international name translations. This speaks to the global availability and appeal of this company.

During World War II, Parker continued to advertise this fountain pen. After the war ended, it took The Parker Pen Company several years to fulfill the demands for the 51. By the early 1970s, the company had sold more than 20 million Parker 51 pens, which amounted to more than $400 million in global sales.

In 1954, Parker’s Jotter ballpoint pen was introduced, which is still available today. That year alone, the company sold more than 3.5 million Jotter pens. Since the Jotter’s inception, more than 750 million units have been sold globally, making it one of Parker’s best-selling pens of all time.

Today, the Jotter range from Parker has various writing types for consumers to choose from, including fountain pens, rollerball pens, gel pens, and ballpoint pens. The Jotter’s continued popularity nearly seventy years later is truly a testament to the ongoing appeal of Parker pens.

Today, many consumers find themselves asking, “are Parker pens worth it?”. When you look at The Parker Pen Company’s history of innovation and sales figures, the answer appears to be a resounding yes. However, you might be wondering what exactly makes these pens worth the investment.

Are Parker Pens Really Worth It?

In the previous section, we briefly looked at The Parker Pen Company’s history of innovation. This is echoed in a quote from the founder George Safford Parker, where he stated, “it will always be possible to make a better pen” – a legacy The Parker Pen Company has strived to live up to.

From mid-range pens like the Parker Jotter to high-end collectors editions like the Parker 51 2021, the company has a diverse selection of fantastic pens for consumers to choose from. Regardless of which Parker pen you’re eyeing, you might be asking yourself whether the purchase will be worth it.

5 Reasons Parker Pens Are Worth It

To help you decide if a Parker pen is the right choice for you, we’re going to break down five of the main reasons you should consider investing in one! 

#1: Parker Pens Write Better

When you’re buying a premium pen, you want to ensure that it writes smoothly and comfortably. After all, you don’t want to spend money on a pen that you later regret purchasing. Luckily, when it comes down to Parker pens, the art of writing has truly been refined.

In fact, there are twelve stages that comprise the process of manufacturing the nib of a parker pen alone. Each nib is quality controlled and fine-tuned by hand to ensure optimal performance. This attention to detail is why Parker pens are known to write better than others.

#2: Parker Pens Are Durable  

Of course, another one of the main reasons to purchase a Parker pen is its longevity. Parker pen users have commonly praised the durability of these pens. As we mentioned above, the company focuses on every detail of the design and manufacturing process to produce a premium pen. The durability of their pens has helped craft a solid rapport with their customers.

In fact, in 1962, Parker received a Royal Warrant from Queen Elizabeth II, becoming the official supplier of writing instruments for the Royal Household in the United Kingdom. Considering the exceptional quality and durability of Parker pens, it’s no surprise that this Royal Warrant was renewed in 1990!

#3: Parker Pens Mark Occasions

From birthdays to promotions, there are countless ways a Parker pen can help you celebrate a special occasion. With a wide selection of pens to choose from today, a Parker pen always makes for the perfect gift. You might even choose to get it engraved to truly mark the occasion.

During World War II, Dwight D. Eisenhower was gifted a Parker 51 by a friend. Then the Supreme Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Force, Eisenhower would go on to use his gifted Parker 51 to sign the German surrender.

#4: Parker Pens Are Timeless

Parker pens are truly timeless! Since these pens first rose to popularity in the 1920s, many customers have celebrated their timeless quality. This timelessness is why many people love collecting Parker pens. However, this quality also makes Parker pens the perfect heirloom to pass down.

There is actually a very famous instance of this! Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother was known to be fond of Parker pens. When she passed away in 2002, she left her collection of Parker pens to her daughter, Queen Elizabeth II. Not only did The Queen Mother pass down her collection of Parker pens, but a fondness for them!

#5: Parker Pens Are Accessible

Despite more than a century’s experience creating exceptional pens, the brand is still highly accessible to consumers. If this wasn’t the case, the Parker Jotter wouldn’t have sold more than 750 million units! While it is possible to purchase a Parker pen for under $10, there are also those that cost upwards of $10,000.

Besides price, regional availability is another factor to consider here. The Parker Pen Company has always strived to make its products globally available. With manufacturing facilities set up in more than eleven countries to date, Parker pens are readily available to consumers around the world.

How Parker Pens Are Made

Above, we looked at the various reasons you should consider purchasing a Parker pen. Ultimately, many of these reasons are closely linked to the intricate design and manufacturing process that goes into producing these pens. Having a better understanding of this process will help you understand why so many consumers love Parker pens.

The first stage of making any Parker pen is the design stage. Today, this process takes place in Parker’s Design Excellence Center, where many world-class designers work tirelessly to conceptualize excellent pens. Once the initial concept has been hand-drawn, the pen will then be realized in a 3D design.

The 3D design stage allows the individual elements of the Parker pen to be focused on. After all, there are many components that comprise a Parker pen. Once these individual components have been realized, Parker’s in-house experts are tasked with selecting the materials that will be used.

The Parker Pen Company only utilized the best materials when manufacturing their pens. This includes rhodium, silver, gold, and platinum. Not only do these materials elevate the quality of Parker pens, but they make for beautiful pens.

For instance, the nibs of Parker pens are crafted from a single sheet of precious metal. This sheet is pressed and compressed, which is done to ensure the strength and durability of the material. Once this has been done, the nib is cut to shape.

Once the nib has been cut from the precious metal sheet, a tiny iridium ball is attached to the nib’s base. If you’ve ever written with one of Parker’s fountain pens, you’ll be familiar with this. To craft the nib’s slit, which allows the ink to flow, the tip of a diamond is used.

In addition to these practical elements of crafting the nib, Parker also ensures that its nibs are also beautiful. With each nib, chiseling and engraving processes are done to decorate the nib of the pen.

The intricacy of the nib manufacturing process alone truly exemplifies how detailed Parker’s manufacturing process is. It’s no wonder they’ve twice been awarded a Royal Warrant to supply writing materials to the Royal Household. In the following section, we’re going to take a closer look at this royal endorsement!

A Royal Endorsement For Parker Pens

Parker has been around for more than a century. In that time, they’ve gained a glowing reputation and a loyal fanbase. However, one Parker pen enthusiast stands out: Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II. Yes, the queen of England has been using Parker pens for more than sixty years!

As you can imagine, the queen would only use pens of the highest quality. After all, she’s spent a lot of time with a pen in hand during her lifetime. Throughout her lifetime, Queen Elizabeth II has been spotted on numerous occasions writing with a Parker pen.

In 2002, the queen celebrated her Golden Jubilee, the 50th anniversary of her accession to the throne. To mark the occasion, The Parker Pen Company presented Queen Elizabeth with a fitting addition to her collection: a 23-carat gold edition of their classic Art Deco-inspired Parker Duofold pen.

This was a fitting gift to the queen when you consider her history with Parker. As we mentioned earlier, Parker became the official supplier of writing instruments to the Royal Household in the early 1960s when Queen Elizabeth II awarded them a Royal Warrant. Parker was awarded a second Royal Warrant in 1990 by The Prince of Wales.

While Queen Elizabeth has used a wide variety of Parker pens in her lifetime, there is one Parker pen that stands out above the rest. It is a well-known fact that the queen is rather fond of the Parker 51 fountain pen, which was first introduced in 1941.

Compared to her golden Parker Duofold, the Parker 51 is a modest choice. After all, base variants of the Parker 51 retailed for under $100. Ultimately, Queen Elizabeth II’s fondness of this pen truly speaks to the quality and sheer craftsmanship of Parker pens.

With an ongoing agreement with the Royal Household, Parker truly earned the royal stamp of approval. If you’re still unsure whether Parker pens are worth it, ask yourself this: do you want to write like a royal? After all, they’re good enough for the Queen of England!


Parker is one of the most well-known luxury pen manufacturers. With more than 130 years of experience producing exceptional writing materials, Parker is a brand that has become synonymous with elegance and sophistication. Intricately designed, Parker pens have built a loyal fanbase over the years. Whether you’re looking to buy a Parker pen for yourself or as a gift, you can’t go wrong with Parker’s selection of pens.

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