Are Montblanc Pens Guaranteed For Life?

With more than 100 years of experience, Montblanc has built a solid reputation as a manufacturer of luxury pens. In the 1930s, Montblanc introduced a lifetime guarantee for their products. However, many consumers have wondered whether Montblanc pens are still guaranteed for life.

Montblanc no longer offers lifetime guarantees on its products. Instead, Montblanc’s pens and other products are subject to an international product guarantee, which is valid for two years from the DOP (date of purchase). Montblanc’s product guarantee covers any manufacturing or material defects.

In this article, we’re going to break down everything you need to know about Montblanc pens and their guarantees. We’ll explain the specifics of Montblanc’s current product guarantee, what exactly this covers, and how to claim against this guarantee.

Are Montblanc Pens Guaranteed For Life?

When it comes to Montblanc’s legacy of crafting exceptional writing materials, there are certain early releases that stand out. In 1924, Montblanc – then known as Simplo Filler Pen Co. – released a pen known as the ‘Meisterstruck’, which was critically acclaimed.

Ten years later, in 1934, the company adopted the name we all know today. In many ways, this rebranding signified the company’s dedication to producing luxury goods of the highest quality. A year after the company was renamed, Montblanc introduced its lifetime guarantee.

While many luxury manufacturers offer lifetime guarantees today, the idea was still a novelty in the 1930s. Not only was this a commitment to Montblanc’s customers, but it was a testament to the high quality of the products being produced. 

With this revolutionary guarantee, customers could get any Montblanc product repaired without question. Of course, this helped the company build a glowing reputation with its customers. However, many customers are unsure whether this lifetime guarantee from Montblanc still stands.

Unfortunately, Montblanc’s lifetime guarantee was ended many decades ago. Ultimately, this means that there are no Montblanc pens – or any other products, for that matter – that offer a lifetime guarantee. Today, the particulars of your Montblanc product guarantee will depend on the type of product you purchase.  

Montblanc’s Product Guarantee For Pens

As we mentioned above, the details of your Montblanc guarantee depend on the type of product you purchased from the manufacturer. This is divided into two main categories. The first category is Montblanc Watches. The second category is Montblanc Writing Instruments, Leather Goods, as well as accessories.

If you’ve purchased a pen from Montblanc, the product guarantee for the second category will apply to you. If you’re searching for a copy of this document, you’ll be able to find the full product guarantees for these two categories on  Montblanc’s official website.

Regardless of which Montblanc product you’ve purchased, this guarantee is valid for two years from your date of purchase. For this reason, it’s important that you retain your purchase receipt and Guarantee Certificate when you purchase a Montblanc product.

You’ll be glad to know this guarantee from Montblanc is international. This means that the same guarantee applies to customers across the globe, no matter where they live. Read on as we explain the particulars of Montblanc’s pen guarantee.

What Does Montblanc’s Pen Guarantee Cover?

Montblanc pens are covered by the company’s Product Guarantee for Writing Instruments, Leather Goods, and Accessories. This international guarantee is valid for two years from your relevant date of purchase. However, you might be wondering what this guarantee covers.

Essentially, Montblanc pens are covered by this international guarantee for any defects in the manufacturing or materials. This means that any Montblanc pen with a defect can be repaired or replaced at no additional cost. This is valid for two years from your DOP (date of purchase).

When it comes down to guarantees, it’s important to take note of aspects that aren’t covered. Montblanc does not cover products with defects that stem from misuse, accidents, tampering, or any improper use. This guarantee also does not cover the regular wear and tear of products.

If you need to claim against Montblanc’s international guarantee, there are a few important stipulations. Firstly, the serial number of your product must be clearly legible. Secondly, your product may not have been serviced by any non-Montblanc service center. Finally, no part of your Montblanc product may be altered, removed, or replaced.

Claiming Against Montblanc’s International Guarantee

If you need to claim against Montblanc’s international guarantee, you need to ensure you meet the relevant regulations, as discussed above. However, you might be wondering about how to go about getting your Montblanc pen repaired or replaced when it’s still under the two-year guarantee.

Your product will need to be serviced by an official Montblanc dealer, boutique, or service center. There are many of these branches located around the world. To find a branch near you, you can visit Montblanc’s official website. You can either deliver your product to a Montblanc branch or arrange to ship it to them.

When delivering or shipping your Montblanc pen, you’ll need to include your Guarantee Certificate, which was included with your purchase. This will be dated, stamped, and signed when your Montblanc pen is serviced by an authorized branch. This certificate will be returned to you with your repaired or replaced product.

When you get a Montblanc product serviced, you will be subject to Montblanc’s Service Guarantee. Essentially, this guarantee covers the service work that was done, as well as any replaced parts. This Service Guarantee is valid for one year from the date of service. As mentioned above, your original Guarantee Certificate will be stamped with this date.


A year after its rebrand, Montblanc introduced a revolutionary lifetime guarantee for its products. Unfortunately, this guarantee is no longer offered by the manufacturer. Instead, Montblanc products, including their luxury pen selection, are covered by an international two-year product guarantee.

This competitive guarantee covers Montblanc pens in the event of manufacturing or material defects. To get a Montblanc pen repaired or replaced, the pen will need to be sent/delivered to an official Montblanc branch or service center.

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