Are Montblanc Pens Cheaper In Germany?

Montblanc makes some of the best pens globally, but the best come at a premium. Some models might cost anywhere from $600 to $1800, so it’s only logical to want to save a few dollars. So, given that Montblanc’s manufacturing facility is in Germany are Montblanc pens less expensive there?

Montblanc pens are generally cheaper in Germany but not by a lot. For example, when buying one of Montblanc’s famous Meisterstück pens, specifically the Meisterstück Gold-coated Fountain pen, it costs $605, and when you buy it in Germany, It is around €520. When converted, it is only $10 cheaper.

Even though Montblanc pens are slightly cheaper in Germany, is it the cheapest place to buy Montblanc pens legitimately, or are there other countries that are even cheaper? Why are Montblanc pens so expensive? How did they become a status symbol, and what makes them unique from any ordinary pen company? When was Montblanc created, and what made them so famous? These are all questions you might be asking yourself, and if not, I hope they piqued your interest because we will cover all of the mentioned topics above and more in this blog post.

Price Difference Of Montblanc Pens Between Germany And the U.S

The Meisterstück, one of Montblanc’s most famous pens created in 1924, is now one of the most famous pens in the Montblanc pen collection. The Meisterstück Gold-coated ballpoint pen is $425 in the U.S, and the same pen in Germany costs €365, which if you convert over to dollar, it is around $415, which is just a $10 difference.

The Meisterstück Gold-coated Fountain pen is $605 in the U.S, and the same pen in Germany costs € 520, which converted is $595, which is another $10 difference. The Gold-coated rollerball pen is In the U.S for $470, and in Germany, it’s €405, which is yet another $10 difference. So for all three types of Meisterstück pens, they are around $10 cheaper in Germany when you buy them on the Montblanc website.

Why Are Montblanc Pens So Expensive?

When you look at Montblanc’s pens, they can sell anywhere from $240 for the cheapest pen upwards to $9,400,00 For their most expensive pen sold. So you both pay for the quality and also the brand. Just like Rolex with watches, Montblanc is the status symbol of Pens. But Montblanc didn’t just get their name out of nowhere. Montblanc pens are one of the most durable and trustworthy brands out there.

Montblanc uses Materials that last and don’t rust or corrode over time. They use Gold and titanium in most of their Pens. And all Montblanc fountain pens are made out of Gold to make them last longer, and they also feature a titanium nib to prevent wear and tear, so no matter what type of fountain pen you buy, whether it is $300 or $1500, you’ll be sure that it will last.

Mont Blanc is a mountain range in the Alps that runs parallel to the French-Italian border and extends into Switzerland. The Montblanc logo represents the six mountain peaks visibly covered with snow. Therefore the name Montblanc chosen means the mountains of Mont Blanc, which rise tall and stretch far and wide, like their best products.

When Was Montblanc Created?

Montblanc was started back in 1908 on March 23 by three gentlemen, Eva stein, Nahemia, and Voss. They created some of the best fountain pens in that era, And they started by making safety pens that wouldn’t leak ink and ruin your finest outfits. Focusing on fountain pens wasn’t enough for them, so they created the Meisterstück pen back in 1924.

Because of the launching of The Meisterstück in 1924, Montblanc took off. Many notable writers who wrote innovative novels used Meisterstück pens. The nobility at that time also utilized these Meisterstück Pens as a status symbol for those who could afford them.

World leaders worldwide would use the Meisterstück pens to sign crucial treaties and documents. An example of this is when President JFK handed a German Chancellor, Konrad Adenauer, his personal Meisterstück fountain pen to mark the Golden Book in Cologne when Adenauer didn’t have a pen to use. Using Montblanc pens as their go-to pens of choice, all these famous figures further solidified the Montblanc name and appeal.

How To Spot Fake Montblanc Pens?

As with so many good brands globally, there is a problem with counterfeiting these famous brands. Mont Blanc is no ecception. How to test the authenticity of a Montblanc pen, look for the serial number engraved on the ring of the pen clip. All authentic models have a serial number inscribed. Models after the year 1991 have a two-digit serial number followed by seven letters engraved in the ring clip.

Some fake models try to replicate this, but you can research online or call your nearest dealer to make sure what you are buying is authentic. Buying from reputable dealers will ensure authenticity and lifetime confidence in your investment.

Prices In Central Hubs Around The World Compared To Germany

Let’s compare prices from the U.S, U.K, Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Japan on the Montblanc website. We chose to compare these three types of pens below because they all have free personalization options and shipping to all five countries.

Pen TypeNew YorkGermany
Fountain Gold-coated$605€520
Rollerball Gold-coated$470€405
Ballpoint Gold-coated$425€365
Pen TypeLondonGermany
Fountain Gold-coated£470€520
Rollerball Gold-coated£365€405
Ballpoint Gold-coated£330€365
Pen TypeZurichGermany
Fountain Gold-coatedCHF 550€ 520
Rollerball Gold-coatedCHF 430€405
Ballpoint Gold-coatedCHF 385€365
Pen TypeHong KongGermany
Fountain Gold-coatedHKD 4,500€520
Rollerball Gold-coatedHKD 3,550€405
Ballpoint Gold-coatedHKD 3,200€365
Pen TypeJapanGermany
Fountain Gold-coated¥ 71,500€520
Rollerball Gold-coated¥ 55,000€405
Ballpoint Gold-coated¥ 50,600€365


Montblanc pens are cheaper in Germany, but only by a few dollars, considering conversion rates. It wouldn’t be justifiable to buy them in Germany rather than in the U.S. or any other country in the world. In all the other countries we compared, the cheapest would be Hong Kong, only around $28. To buy an investment worth hundreds of dollars and trying to save a few dollars would be a waste and only cover your conversion costs from USD to HKD.

Montblanc has been a fantastic pen company for over 100 years now and is still one of the best luxury pen providers in the world. Paying a premium for this investment is sure worth it.

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