Are Montblanc Pens A Good Investment?

When it comes down to luxury pens, few companies do it better than Montblanc. Of course, Montblanc has been producing exceptional writing instruments for more than a century. However, many consumers have wondered whether Montblanc pens make for a good investment. 

As a personal investment, a Montblanc pen will serve you well for many years. Using Montblanc pens as a means for financially investing money, caution should be taken. Unless you invest in a rare collectible pen, you will likely struggle to make a positive return on your investment down the line.

In this article, we’re going to break down everything you need to know about investing in Montblanc pens. Regardless of why you’re investing in a Montblanc pen, these considerations are of the utmost importance!

Are Montblanc Pens A Good Investment?

Montblanc is a reputable and well-known manufacturer of luxury goods, including watches, writing instruments, leather goods, and more. Founded in the early twentieth century, Montblanc has more than a century’s worth of experience crafting high-quality products.

Currently, there are thirteen different Montblanc pen collections to shop, including their Meisterstuck and Heritage collections. While there are some more affordable Montblanc pens, it’s no surprise that many come with a substantial price tag.

With so many fantastic pens to choose from in these collections, many consumers have questioned whether Montblanc pens make for a good investment. Regrettably, there isn’t a black and white answer to this question. Ultimately, it depends on how you define the term investment.

If you’re looking to purchase a pen as a personal investment – that is, one you intend to use for years to come – then one of Montblanc’s pens will be a great consideration. However, if you’re looking to purchase Montblanc pens as a financial investment, you may want to reconsider.

Firstly, let’s consider buying a Montblanc pen as a personal investment. There are plenty of fantastic reasons you should invest in a Montblanc pen for yourself. Not only will your writing be smoother and more comfortable with a Montblanc writing instrument, but your pen or pencil will be more durable.

This durability is a testament to Montblanc’s stellar design and manufacturing process. While modern production techniques are utilized in crafting these pens, traditional craftsmanship is an important part of this manufacturing process.

When you write with a Montblanc pen, this attention to detail becomes evident. From the snowcapped pen caps to the golden nibs, every aspect of a Montblanc pen is perfectly refined. Not only are Montblanc’s pens crafted from the finest raw materials, but they’re designed to feature timeless designs.

By using a luxury pen that’s refillable, you’re also helping to save the environment. After all, Americans alone use an estimated 1.6 billion disposable pens every year. By personally investing in one of the many types of pens sold by Montblanc, you can remove yourself from this statistic!

You’ll also have a wide variety of Montblanc writing instruments to choose from. Across Montblanc’s various collections, you’ll find ballpoint pens, fountain pens, rollerball pens, fine liners, and even pencils. Montblanc writing instruments also come with international guarantees.

Of course, many of these advantages from personally investing in a Montblanc pen are linked to the act of using the pen you’ve purchased. However, you might still be wondering about purchasing Montblanc pens as a financial investment in your future.

In Montblanc’s many collections of writing instruments, you’ll find many limited editions. While these certainly make for prized possessions that can be passed down as heirlooms, they are not suitable for a stable financial investment in your future. While you might be able to sell the right Montblanc pen for a profit, this is ultimately a gamble.

If you’re searching for the right way to invest your hard-earned money for the future, purchasing Montblanc pens isn’t going to be stable or efficient. You’d be better off investing in stocks or cryptocurrency. However, if you’re looking for an excellent pen that can last a lifetime, one of Montblanc’s pens would be an excellent personal investment!

Why Montblanc Pens Make Tricky Investments

In the previous section, we considered whether Montblanc pens make for good investments. Of course, any pen from one of Montblanc’s collections would make a fine personal investment. However, Montblanc pens aren’t typically used as a means of financial investment. 

With any sound financial investment, you need to be able to quantify your potential return on investment (ROI). Of course, the given ROI of any investment is crucial. After all, this is a metric that allows you to estimate how profitable a certain investment will be.

Now, if you were to financially invest in your future by purchasing a Montblanc pen, you’d need to consider your potential return on investment. While writing instruments tend to hold their value over time, the associated ROI rates are not high enough for most people to see any profit.

Naturally, there are exceptions to this. For the right Montblanc pen, a sizeable profit could be made from a sale. After all, writing instruments are collected by people across the world. These luxury pens are typically sold at auctions and can go for thousands of dollars.

These factors would make it appear that investing in luxury writing instruments, such as Montblanc’s pens, would be a wise decision. However, there’s a reason writing instruments make for tricky investments – and it has to do with rarity.

There is a golden rule that determines the overall value of a luxury pen. That is: the value of the pen directly correlates to its rarity. The rarer the pen is, the more valuable it will be. After all, a Montblanc pen that was limited to 100 units will be more valuable than one limited to 5000 units.

Naturally, there are other aspects to consider here, such as the pen’s age, condition, and whether it belonged to anyone notable. For instance, in 2015, a pair of rare Dunhill-Namiki fountain pens from the 1930s was sold for $300,000. In this case, the factors were right to sell the pen for a profit.

If you had a Montblanc 75th Anniversary 18K gold Skeleton pen, you’d be able to sell it for anywhere between $15,000 and $38,000. Unfortunately, most other Montblanc pens will not be as profitable as this because they are not as rare.

To financially invest in your future using Montblanc pens, you’d need rare pens from their most esteemed collections. Ultimately, this makes investing in Montblanc pens less accessible as a means of financial investment. If you want to invest financially, there are more surefire ways to do it!

Do Montblanc Pens Lose Value Over Time?

While Montblanc’s pens do not make for the easiest financial investments, they still make for a valuable personal investment. Of course, we’ve already discussed this. However, you might be wondering about the long-term value of that personal investment in a Montblanc pen.

Will the value of a Montblanc depreciate over time, or does it become more valuable? In the previous section, we discussed the fact that writing instruments tend to hold their value well over time. In fact, the value of Montblanc pens can even increase over time.

The high-end pens sold by Montblanc can truly last a lifetime, provided you care for the pens correctly. However, when you plan on selling a Montblanc pen, buyers will consider the rarity of the pen. As we explained earlier, the value of a luxury pen is directly linked to the rarity of the pen.

The rarer a Montblanc pen is, the more its value will appreciate over time. The trick is to purchase a pen that will become a rare collectible. Naturally, this requires some foresight. To put this into perspective, let’s consider Montblanc’s Lorenzo De Medici pen.

When Montblanc released this pen in 1992, only 4810 units were manufactured in total. Each of these limited-edition pens sold for just under $1300. Three decades later and the value of this pen has increased nearly tenfold. Sealed Lorenzo De Medici pens are currently being auctioned for more than $10,000.

The rarity of this pen plays a crucial role in getting to this five-digit figure. Furthermore, the pen still being sealed means that it is still in mint condition. Furthermore, the rich history of the pen’s namesake is another aspect that makes this specific Montblanc pen more desirable to collectors.  

From our brief analysis of the Lorenzo De Medici pen, it’s clear that there are many factors that play a role in the appreciation of Montblanc pens over time. Unfortunately, not every Montblanc pen will have the same drastic increase in value. This brings us back to our point regarding the unpredictability of Montblanc pens in terms of their potential return on investment.

While it might be difficult to predict the potential future returns from investing in a Montblanc pen, at least you can rest assured that it will retain its value, which can increase over time. However, you might be wondering about how long a Montblanc pen will last.

How Long Do Montblanc Pens Last?

When investing in a Montblanc pen – whether this is personally or financially – you want to ensure that the writing instrument that you’re purchasing will last for many years to come. You’ll be relieved to know that a Montblanc pen can last a lifetime with the proper care.

If you personally invest in a Montblanc pen that you intend to use, there are specific care recommendations that are provided to customers. When a Montblanc pen is in use, it is recommended that it is cleaned every three months. Specific care instructions and helpful videos can be found on Montblanc’s official website.

Of course, if you’re looking to invest in Montblanc pens financially, you may choose to preserve the pen you purchase. As discussed earlier, rarity is an important factor to consider when investing in luxury pens. This means that you’ll likely be purchasing limited editions from Montblanc.

These rare pens are often left sealed permanently. Many are also packaged in a manner that preserves and displays them. For instance, let’s consider a Montblanc 75th Anniversary 18K gold Skeleton pen that was sold for $37,500 in 2015. Not only was this pen still unused, but it was showcased in a unique magnifying box, which was also manufactured by Montblanc.

If you plan on financially investing in Montblanc pens, you’ll need to consider how you will store the pen. If you plan on selling a certain pen for a profit in the future, these considerations are essential. After all, you’re dealing with writing instruments that can last lifetimes!

In fact, in the 1930s, Montblanc introduced a lifetime guarantee for their products. This was truly a testament to the stellar craftsmanship of their products, such as their acclaimed pens. Unfortunately, this lifetime guarantee is no longer offered by Montblanc.

If you’re looking to purchase a Montblanc pen from the company itself, you need to consider the current product guarantees that are offered by the manufacturer. If you buy a Montblanc pen today, it will come with a standard two-year international guarantee. This guarantee covers a Montblanc pen for any manufacturing or material defects.

The length of this guarantee is an important factor to consider when investing in a Montblanc pen. Within this period, you’ll need to ensure that there are no defects in your Montblanc pen. Once this two-year period has elapsed, you will be responsible for any repairs that need to be done.

Of course, it may be possible for you to ensure Montblanc pens. Given that pens are relatively small items, which can easily be lost, getting insurance on a Montblanc pen that you’re using may be tricky. For valuable Montblanc pens, however, you should be able to tailor your insurance policy to cover the pens.


Montblanc pens are among the finest in the world – so it makes sense why you’d want to invest in them! Whether you plan on personally investing in a Montblanc pen for yourself or financially investing in one to sell down the line, there are many factors to keep in mind. Luckily, we covered them all!

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